Title: ELE↓↑TOR


Writer/Composer: Chris Chappell


Director: Patrice Miller


Venue: The Brick, Brooklyn, NY


Producer(s): Tux & Tom Productions, The Brick


Actors: Justin R.G. Holcomb*, Bob Laine, Patrick Andrew Jones, Bill Weeden*


Voice-Over: Jeff Lewonczyk, Douglas MacKrell, Victoria Miller, Paul Murillo

Synopsis: Through immersive sound design and music, ELE↓↑TOR  transforms the stage into a dangerously malfunctioning elevator making its way to the 80th floor of the Empire State Building. The original production coincided with the centenary of the Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo’s unveiling of his “intonarumori” noise generators at Modena’s Teatro Storchi in June 1913, a signal event in the history of experimental music and sound design.


 ELE↓↑TOR follows three hapless passengers on a vertiginous and bewildering journey in which soporific Muzak, Industrial Age machinery, and the ominous echoes of the elevator shaft all vie for dominance of the sonic space. The result is a disturbing reminder of both our dependence on and our incomprehension of the technologies that drive the modern world.


 ELE↓↑TOR was first presented as part The Brick's soundscape festival in June, 2013. Tux & Tom hope to get it back up again in the not too distant future.


Cool Fact: The earliest version of an elevator was used in ancient Egypt.


"The precision of Miller’s direction is the production’s magic mechanism, meshing these extreme but not caricatured personalities in a palette of creeping doubts and disastrous self-certainty. The characters are thrown together and drift apart with more lessons learned on our side of the stage than theirs, and ELE↓↑TOR is an often hilarious, always thoughtful reflection on just how much we should welcome the sound of our own voice".


- Adam McGovern, Fanchild