Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure


Stephanie Willing (L) and Ivy Hong (R), on break from Elephant Food Umbrella Stand

Experiment #2 1/2 (Prelude)


Title: Stardust

Composer: Hoagy Carmichael

Performer/Deviser: Patrice Miller

Venue: The CUNY Graduate Center (basement hallway)

Producer(s): IPA, CUNY Prelude


Synopsis: Meet me in that place we both dreamed about. The hallway in the basement. Let me teach you to dance, let me have this dance before you leave me. 

I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with the IPA on more than on occasion, each one totally thrilling and moving. Here are some of the pieces they have graciously set me loose with:


Experiment #23b (Brooklyn Museum)


Title: Elephant Foot Umbrella Stand (cycle)

Director/Deviser: Patrice Miller

Venue: The Brooklyn Museum; Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party

Producer(s): IPA, Beat Festival

Performers: Ivanna Cullinan, Ivy Hong, Stephanie Willing


Synopsis: Three women dresssed in white converse through found text at Chicago's Dinner Party. Women "seated" at the table, and those who are perhaps on the next guest list, speak to each other and visitors to the table about writing, space, herstory, freedom, and rememberance.


Experiment #23b (Brooklyn Museum)


Title: Apology

Author: Marie Howe

Performer/Deviser: Patrice Miller

Venue: The Brooklyn Museum; beginning in the American Wing, ending on the back terrace

Producer(s): IPA, Beat Festival


Synopsis: Part story, part confession, Apology is performed for one audience member. The audience member is challenged to listen carefully to a nostalgic woman while walking through the museum, landing finally, on the back terrace where Marie Howe's Apology wraps the journey.


“But what I was most left with was a curiosity about what they [The IPA] would do next, as any place we think we know can always be remapped into an entirely different experience, and it’s exciting that there is this network of performers who are taking risks with just that.”

Allison Meier, Hyperallergic

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“I need to say I’m on record as disliking interactive theater, and so my resistance to the expedition was strong. By the time, our small group of 15 or so went through a wedding ceremony on a service elevator, I was looking for the nearest exit. Then I recalled we’d been admonished to be ourselves, to “be natural.” So I became myself and, as a former history of art minor, began paying attention to the Museum’s collection, which I hadn’t visited in some time…In other words, the IPA may be on to something, after all: Do what you like and like what you do.”

David Finkle, Huffington Post