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Returning to Live Performance!

If you are in New York and feeling ready to venture out to 14th Street, you can stand beside me (that is, 6 feet from my side) and watch a live performance! Tim Cusack reached out to me this winter with a stunning adaptation/remix of Walt Whitman's "I Sing the Body Electric" and wanted to grow it into a performance piece. I Ping the Body Electric is an ode to human anatomy from the perspective of a 50-something, HIV-positive gay man written during COVID lockdown. The piece nimbly, gracefully, and sometimes even playfully navigates queer desire, intimacy, disease and mourning. Tim and I along with our multimedia designer Daniel McKleinfeld are creating a piece that carves out space for the complicated political, social, and physical realities of living through a pandemic and maintaining and questioning our desires. 

Walt Whitman Amusement Park.jpg

We're part of Art in Odd Places, so if you come to see us you can also take in loads of other art in the fresh(er since traffic is down) air. thanks to the schintillating curator team lead by Furusho von Puttkammer. In the best of times, this is a great, adventurous festival. I suspect you'll find something you need there this year. You can follow our Whitmanesque journey here:

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