What am I up to? 

Curator and performance artist Hector Canonge and The Laundromat Project invited me to speak about performance art during the COVID19 pandemic in NYC. Representing my beautiful and brave home of Brooklyn. This panel featured Brandon Perdomo (Staten Island), Claribel Jolie Pichardo (Queens), Patrice Miller (Brooklyn), LuLuLoLo (Manhattan), and Luis Stephenberg Alers (Bronx).

Take a listen - podcast guest spots! 

Heal Me Too Podcast.jpg

Sarah Jane Johnson and I on Hope Singsen's #HealMeToo Podcast - we talk about our trauma informed process, lazy witchcraft, shifting from performance art to theater and more! Take listen here via Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. 


Philosopher, art critic, and public intellectual Dena Shottenkirk invited me to speak with Martina Botti about ontology, metaphysics, world building and more. Such an extraordinary treat! 

Listen here via Spotify and check out talkPOPc's awesome events.  

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