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In the Spring of 2014, my dear friends Stephanie and Matthew asked me to officiate their wedding. It was one of the best experiences of my life. While working with the couple, I found that my literary skills and library helped pull together readings, my devising skills helped shape a narrative of seperate, diverse parts, and my directing skills helped us put together the event as a whole. Moreover, my anthropological understanding of ritual and traditions helped guide us through the process of creating our own rituals and traditions for Stephanie, Matthew, their community, and family.


It was an incredible experience to use so many of my skills in the service of something so beautiful and joyful.



Ongoing work with 

Kids + Teens

The very serious business of rehearsing a wedding. Documented by Will Lowry.

If you happen to be looking for an officiant who has multi-faith and multi-traditional knowledge, a love of ritual, as well as writing, event-planning, and directing skills, I may be your gal. I also love to dance!


I can work with you from beginning to end of the process, from setting up and event-flow, to crafting a personalized ceremony, to making sure the reception runs smoothly.


I am ordained by the Universal Life Church, and am recognized by the State of New York as an officiant.

I am at the very least, a great addition to the dance floor.

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