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Patrice Miller

Director - Choreographer | Writer | Performance Artist

Headshot - dark.jpg

Photo Credit: Christian Johnson

I am a director-choreographer, writer, and performance artist currently living and working in what is called New York City. My "hilarious, provacative" performance work has been presented in London at The Other Palace and in New York at 3-Legged Dog, La MaMa Etc, Theater Row, Prelude/CUNY Graduate Center, The Brooklyn Museum, The Brick, FRINGENYC, and non-theater spaces like outside of the 68th Street subway stop, NYCFashion Week, and 571 Projects. My work is interdisciplinary incorporating social and political theories into multidisciplinary performances. 


My practice often centers on the question of where language , discourse, and gesture meet and depart. For me, the act of creating is a sacred and wacky exploration of our interior worlds, which has a very big impact on our exterior worlds. It is the dialogue of the micro with the meta. I acknowledge the vulnerability of what we are doing when we make work and take collaborator and actor safety very seriously. I work in an anti-racist, gender-affirming, trauma-informed process that I am committed to refining and deepening. 

New York City is on the unceded territory of Lenapehoking. I acknowledge the traditional stewards of this land and the generations of trauma and genocide that have been forced on them first by settlers and perpetuated by individual privileges and systemically through the state. I am committed to following, uplifting, and supporting Indigenous voices, actions, and land care while recognizing that the United States was built on stolen land by stolen people taken through the Middle Passage. No one is free until all are free - I say this because it is only through our acts of radical imagining, collaboration, and reparations that a roadmap to abolition and out of our climate crisis is born. Each project and process lives this acknowledgement differently - let's chat! 

Wear a hard hat, and click around to learn more.

Like many artists I'm notoriously bad at updating my site as things are happening. Or after they've happened. Like even way after they've happened.


Wanna know what I'm up to right now and what happens when people ask me questions? Check out my Sketchbook and Media pages for more currents right-here-right-now(ish) updates! 

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