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Money Lab featuring Dead Cat Bounce



Title: Dead Cat Bounce, part of Money Lab
Choreographer: Patrice Miller in collaboration with Edward Einhorn
Video: VJ Fuzzy Bastard
Composer: Chris Chappell
Venue: The Brick, Brooklyn, NY; HERE Arts Center, New York, NY
Producer(s): Untitled Theater Company #61
Production Photos: Arthur Cornelius

First cast: Kayla Eisenberg, Laura Hartle, Jenna Purcell, Ruri Saito, and Stephanie Willing.
Second cast: Laura Hartle, Dina Rose Rivera, Stephanie Willing

Synopsis: Money Lab is an economic vaudeville, a multi-disciplinary experiment to discover whether economic ideas can be represented through performance. It uses a mixture of theater, dance, video, music, clowning and games in order to explore everything from the darker predictions of Malthus, to the 2008 stock market collaps, to the intersections of economics and art. Developed with the help of a crew of artists and economists, this project culminated with a four day performance workshop at The Brick in Brooklyn. A full production with new pieces premiered at HERE Arts Center.

"Dead Cat Bounce" is a multi-media dance piece that examines the jargon of the 2008 financial crisis as popularized by the media.

More: For more information on Money Lab, visit

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