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Out of Frame:Dance+Comics featuring In Pieces



Title: Out of Frame: Dance + Comics
Curator: Patrice Miller
Choreographers: M.e. Carafice+Melissa West, Emma Cotter, Stephanie Lane, Patrice Miller, Jody Obderfelder, Shana Solomon
Venue: The Brick, Brooklyn, NY
Producer(s): The Brick Comic Book Theater Festival (Hope Cartelli, Jeff Lewonczyk, Roger Nasser)
Production Photos: photo © Paula Court

Can Catwoman do the twist? What happens when Fire and Ice tango? [Out of Frame] brings choreographers and comic book artists together to answer these and other important questions. This bill of dance explores the intersection of sequential art and movement, showcasing new and exciting collaborations from emerging and established choreographers, directors, and visual artists.

In Pieces is an absurdist dance-drama cycle, a 4-D adaptation of Marion Fayolle's book of illustrations by the same title.

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